Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Little Friend

There was a grey mouse,
Who came into our house.
It ran into a hole,
Which was its main goal.

I was playing with my ball,
It suddenly came in the hall.
I saw it and screamed,
I thought it was my dream

It ran into the kitchen,
I tried to stop its mission.
It ate all the food,
And ran back in mood good.

We all made it to run,
But it made, it a fun.
It broke the things of our house,
Then we said:"Let it go, tht little mouse".

Somedays later it was sad,
I said this to my dad.
He told me, it needs a friend,
And I made it my best friend.
I kept its name as Kelly,
And lived with it happily:):)

[This poem was written by me on Jan 13th 2003 during my school days]